"The Drummstick is a percussion controller that I invented in June of 1995. It utilizes my patented design created with drumming and percussion in mind. With the Drummstick and a MIDI drum module, I can access a variety of musical, and digital sounds, like samples, chords, drum kits, world Instruments, sound effects, and more! I can trigger Just about anything from the Drummstick!

As a drummer, percussionist and MIDI programmer, I longed for the days when I could go to a gig and simply plug in an "axe", like so many of my fellow musicians. By the summer of '94, I had grown a little weary of carting around my 10 piece Simmons kit known as "the beast", one of Bill Bruford-styled electronic sets I got from my tech work with Madonna, Stephen Bray, Guitar Center, and Simmons Drums.

I thought I could build an instrument that would allow me to play those same digital samples with my fingertips. (At the time, I had never heard of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones... It seems there was a guy named Future Man who played drums on a customized guitar synthesizer! I was finally able to catch them later that year with the late Danny Gatton, in a fabulous show at George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium!)

The technology needed to build something like that seemed to me, simple enough. I put a call to my good friend Nick Carson, a fantastic carpenter, and one month later, the Drummstick was born! I soon joined the folk-rock duo Between The Lines, and since 1994, I have performed with the Drummstick all over the USA, on stage, television and radio! Unlike the 'guitar-shaped' percussion controllers that rely on a more horizontal approach, the Drummstick's vertical design truly enhances my ability to digitally tap, slap, flam, and roll. Now, in addition to my updated Simmons kit, I can also take the Drummstick to even more uncharted territories, with the legendary saxophonist Charles Unger, and the UFQ, The Unidentified Flying Quartet!”  - E. Doctor Smith X Files: E. Doctor Smith’s Drummstick